How to save money on your mortgage

If you were to buy a $150,000 home with a $120,000 mortgage (80%), at an interest rate of just 6% for 25 years, when the mortgage is paid off you will have paid over $110,330 just in interest, in addition to the original $120,000 mortgage amount. That’s nearly twice the cost of the home!
if you could pay just an extra $100 each month, you would save over $28,048 in interest payments. Just by paying an extra $100 a month, you could knock nearly 10 years off of your mortgage.

An additional monthly payment of only $50 will save you five years and seven months and about $16,272 off your mortgage repayment schedule.

And just a miniscule $10 a month extra will reduce your time by one year and three months and save you over $3,789!


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