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Homemade Snow Globes

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Every holiday season, the snow globe makes its appearance on windowsills and study desks. Inside are magical dioramas with miniature villages or people in landscapes. It's fun to give them a shake and image being inside the winter wonder land. Snow globes are easy to make and allow you to customize the scene to suit

Host A Coffee Tasting

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Coffee is a taste experience similar to wine appreciation. In fact, many of the techniques are the same and coffee connoisseurs are referred to as sommeliers. Hosting a coffee tasting for friends or co-workers is a great way to learn about different coffee varieties from around the world and perhaps find one that you love.

Autumn Garden Care

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Chilly autumn air signals the last opportunity to prepare your garden for winter. With some planning and proactive care, your vegetable gardens, grassy areas, and shrubs will be ready for the first warm days of spring. In the garden, harvest all the remaining plants and remnants. Clean the soil of weeds and prune perennials to

Fall Home Maintenance

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Autumn is a season full of traditions that celebrate the harvest and the coming of winter. The weather is cooler and sometimes even cold. The wind is more noticeable and leaves blow around like colourful confetti. It's also a time when your home needs one last inspection before the snow (or West Coast rain) arrives.

August Days

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Late summer is the month to begin gathering your supplies for making delicious preserves to enjoy over the winter. Making jam and other spreads is one of the easiest things to do. You may have memories of cooking berries and pouring the mixtures into jars. Preserves don't require any fancy equipment, just some sterile jars,

Herb & Berry Smoothies

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Few combinations of flavours will reward as much as herbs and berries. Combine them in baked desserts, smoothies, and ice pops for a special and sophisticated taste sensation. Here are some suggestions on how to use herbs and berries to make magical treats. Herbs are very easy to grow on a windowsill using small containers.

Rustic Furniture

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Did you know that ecological furnishings add more to a space than a place to sit? They are pieces of art that spring from nature to dwell exclusively in the homes of people. Naturalistic furniture pieces are objects of experience that invite sensual experiences. They delight the senses with the absence of machine-made perfection. Touching

Summer Activities For Kids

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July seems like the longest month of summer holidays because it's between June and August. The excitement of summer holidays has worn off and it's still two whole months until September. The days are long with lots of time to fill up between morning and evening. If your kids are looking for new things to

Picnic Essentials

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Did you know that the word picnic is derived from the French word pique-nique, which is used to describe light meals taken outside. It was popularized during the French Revolution when the classes visited and mingled in parks and areas suitable for relaxation. Food was often simple but could be elaborate affairs depending on one's

Paint It A Lovely Green

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The word green has the same Germanic root as the words for grass and grow. During the middle ages, it was associated with wealth and the gentry class of England. Today, we associate it with nature, spring, and optimism. It is produced in nature as chromium, vanadium, and copper oxides. Green is one of the

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