Preparing your house for sale

Let this home staging checklist guide your efforts to prepare your home for showings. Here are more ideas from Pinterest.

The basics

  • Remove all clutter from the house so visitors can see everything without any difficulty; buyers will want to look in closets and under sinks but also in the basement and garage; if these areas are full, they won’t be able to do a full inspection which could result in a lower offer
  • Clear the countertops of everything so they are bare so the kitchen will seem larger and more open
  • Remove the art gallery and coupon collection from the refrigerator
  • Remove unnecessary furniture from all the rooms
  • They need to be spotless
  • Add a new shower curtain
  • Scrub the grout with bleach so it is white or regrout
  • Keep the floor polished and bright from corner to corner
  • Put out your best towels for showings
  • Wash the paint and wallpaper; there are products that will make it easy
  • Patch holes, paint over bright or unusual colours with neutral tones that are on trend
  • Remove anything that is attached that you want to keep such as a large mirror
  • Have the carpets steam cleaned by a professional using hot water extraction
  • Replace lino that is worn with a neutral choice
  • Check windows and window coverings and replace any that aren’t in good repair
  • Vertical and horizontal blinds should be professionally cleaned if possible
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • It might be helpful to get an objective second opinion to ensure pet smells or smoke odors are not detectable
  • Air out the home prior to showings; Febreeze will turn most odours to salt; use it liberally on fabrics
  • You may want to rent an ozone generator to eliminate stubborn odours or an ‘old house smell’
  • Open draperies and blinds
  • Turn on all the lights, even the smallest bulb
  • Put on some light background music, set the volume on low
  • Try not to have cooking odours lingering (Febreeze)
  • Light the fireplace or stove if it’s cool outside

I hope you enjoyed reading this home staging checklist. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation.

Home Staging Tips from the Pros

  • Pack everything you won’t need for the next 90 days and put it in storage

  • Remove furniture that you don’t use every day then position larger pieces, such as couches and chairs, away from the walls by 12-24″ to create the illusion of space

  • Repurpose odd corners of your home to have a role, such as a computer nook

  • Add lighting to make your home cheerful and eliminate dark corners

  • Repaint with light, neutral tones then accent with warm textiles and plants

  • An empty bedroom is transformed with an air mattress on shipping boxes covered in a big comforter – instant furniture

  • Always have the carpets steam cleaned before the first showing especially if they are old and worn

  • Contact me to add your ideas to my home staging checklist