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August Days

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Late summer is the month to begin gathering your supplies for making delicious preserves to enjoy over the winter. Making jam and other spreads is one of the easiest things to do. You may have memories of cooking berries and pouring the mixtures into jars. Preserves don't require any fancy equipment, just some sterile jars,

Central Vacuums

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A central vacuum cleaner is a system that is built into a new home to make cleaning easier and quieter. They feature ducts in the walls that carry dust and debris to a central power unit and collection canister, usually in the garage or utility room. Inlets are strategically positioned throughout the home to make

AirBnB Laundry Tip

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Luxury hotels make tremendous investments in bedding and towels that is apparent by the way they look and feel. “Hotel quality” is often synonymous with thick, absorbent cotton fabrics. Sheets are measured by the hundreds or even thousands of threads-per-inch that make them softer and more comfortable. To ensure the longevity of their linens, hotels

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