The buying season has traditionally been in the spring and summer because families are generally motivated to move before the start of the new school year so their kids can get settled. It’s also when new listings come on the market and there is a good inventory of homes to choose from. But not everyone decides to list their home at the end of winter. Some sellers may be searching for their perfect home and don’t want to list until they have found it. This means that there is a good selection of properties in the last half of the year.

Did you know that there are benefits to househunting in autumn?  Here are a few reasons why buying in the fall might be right for you.

  1. Less competition – Statistics show that most home transactions are in the first half of the year. This means that by avoiding the crowd during the spring and summer, you’ll have time to look and make decisions without stress or multiple offers.
  2. Eager sellers – If a home has been on the market all summer, the sellers may be motivated to sell this year rather than next and that means an opportunity to negotiate some savings into your purchase.
  3. Cheaper moving prices – Spring and summer are the busy season for movers as well that means autumn is quieter. You may be able to negotiate better rates and schedules.
  4. Quicker transactions – Everyone wants to be settled in their new home for the coming holidays. If you start looking now, you can be settled in your new home in time to celebrate the holidays.

Househunting in autumn is a wonderful time of year to see some of the local area. There is a nice selection of homes  of all types on the market right now. If you would like to purchasing a home in Port Hardy, Port McNeill, or Port Alice, call me today.